Yo, listen up, I’m here to spit some bars
‘Bout legal affairs, from here to Mars
We got Halal Law in Indonesia, a whole lotta rules
But if you follow ’em right, you ain’t no fools

Next up, we got Listed Building Consent Conditions, a mouthful to say
But if you need to know ’em, don’t delay

Looking for Immigration Legal Services in Philly, look no more
Esperanza’s got your back, they’ll open the door

Got a company? You need a Legal Department
To keep you out of trouble, make sure you’re straight and not bent

When you’re in court, you need a Statement of Truth, no fibs or lies
Keep it real, or you might get some legal ties

Law firms in LA, looking for some new blood
If you got the skills, go on, show ’em what you’re made of

Legal specialties, that’s what it’s all about
Expert services for your unique needs, so you ain’t left out

After the wedding, it’s time for an Agreement
Make sure it’s legal, or you might end up in a legal cage

Not sure who to call, not sure who to retain
Let me help you with the Legal Definition of Attorney, so you can abstain

Last but not least, a question that’s funny
Is it legal to own a monkey in Alabama? That’s just silly

So there you have it, a legal rap so fresh
Hope you learned something, now go on and impress